Facilities and Capabilities

The Biodesign Lab has access to all the resources required to rapidly prototype a variety of robotics systems. In addition, it has access to state-of-the-art biomechanical and physiological measurement equipment for human subject studies and small and large animal facilities through collaborations at Harvard and the local hospitals. 

Shared Prototyping Resources

The Biodesign Lab has access to a wide range of tools to support research and the creation of electro-mechanical medical devices and robotics. Our fabrication capabilities include traditional machining, rapid prototyping, and soft molding. Below are some of the equipment and facilities used by our lab.

  • CNC Machining
    • Hass OM-2A Office Mill
    • Vectrax Knee Milling Machine with Centroid CNC
    • Hardinge Precision Lathe with Centroid CNC
  • Laser Cutting
    • Versa Laser 2.0
  • Soft Molding Lab
  • 3D Printing
    • Objet Connex500 3D Printer
Motion Capture

The Wyss Motion Capture Lab (WMCL), located in the Wyss Institute’s Longwood facility, consists of eight Vicon MX‐T40 cameras with near infrared lights surrounding the camera lens, allowing for the reconstruction of 3D motion in a fixed capture volume. AMTI OR‐6 force plates can be used for capturing forces, moments, and center of pressure dynamically, as people walk across the room, or during balance trials when the subject is standing or sitting still. We also have the ability to collect surface electromyograms (sEMG) of muscles with a Delsys Trigno system. This system allows for 16 sEMG channels and 48 accelerometer channels. The triaxial accelerometers located in each sEMG sensor can be used to capture dynamic movements and impacts and is integrated with the motion capture system. To estimate energy expenditure, we have a Cosmed K4b2 system to measure pulmonary gas exchange. If continuous gait or running tasks are required, a instrumented Bertec treadmill is also available and placed within the Vicon capture space such that kinematics and kinetics can be captured simultaneously.

Shared Engineering Design Materials