Students and Teachers Take on Robots in India
Lakshmi Mittal South Asia Institute Blog Post, March 28, 2019

Conor Walsh Inducted into American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
Wyss Institute News, March 25, 2019 [AIMBE Press Release]

Bots, britches, and bees
Bill Gates Blog after visit to Harvard, January 8 2019   [Video]

Engineering soft robots for paradigm shift in rehabilitation
Science Nation, October 15 2018   [Video]

Textile-based robots
Advanced Textiles Source, June 25 2018

The Robotics Revolution Will Be Soft
IEEE Pulse, May 15 2018

From federal support, groundbreaking research
Harvard Gazette, May 7 2018

Startup points toward minimally invasive heart repair
Harvard Gazette, March 15 2018

Harvard researchers make better, smarter walking aids
Engadget, March 6 2018

Harvard uses machine learning for personalized control of wearable exosuits
Next Big Future, March 6 2018

Move Over Ironman
BU Today, February 20 2018

Expecting exoskeletons for more than spinal cord injury (PDF)
The Lancet Neurology, February 13 2018

Next-Generation Exoskeletons Help Patients Move
The Scientist, February 1 2018

Onward and upward, robots
Harvard Gazette, January 23 2018

Harvard and Boston University’s New Robotic Exosuit Helps Stroke Victims Walk Normally
The University Network (TUN), August 9 2017

Exoskeleton to support stroke patients
Textile Evolution (T.EVO), August 1 2017

Soft Robotic Exosuit Can Help Stroke Patients
IEEE Spectrum, July 26 2017

The future of robotics means robots and humans will work side by side, experts say
Metro Boston, July 18 2017

Four robot demos you missed at TC Sessions: Robotics
TechCrunch, July 19 2017

ReWalk Robotics shows off a soft exosuit designed to bring mobility to stroke patients
TechCrunch, July 18 2017

Highlighting Success of the Massachusetts Robotics Ecosystem
MassRobotics, July 17 2017

Prototype exoskeleton suit would improve soldiers' physical, mental performance
U.S. Army, July 14 2017

Soft sensors might make wearables actually wearable
Wired, July 13 2017

Soft robotics needs the same breakthrough rigid robots had in the 1980s
Silicon Republic, June 20 2017

Will These Robotic Shorts Make You Run Faster?
Runner’s World, June 8 2017

New robotic exosuit could push the limits of human performance
Harvard Gazette, June 2 2017

Robots and AI are coming for our jobs. Can augmentation save us from automation?
Digital Trends, February 20 2017

The robots are coming for your heart
Wired, January 31 2017

This Soft Exosuit Could Help People Walk Farther, Easier
Smithsonian Magazine, January 25 2017

This soft-shelled exosuit might put iron man's duds to shame
Popular Science, January 20 2017

걸을 때 에너지 소모 23%↓로봇 슈트 개발
YTN Science, January 19 2017

Irish researchers develop robotic device to help treat heart failure
RTÉ Ireland, January 18 2017

Stretchy robotic suit reduces energy used to walk by 23 percent
New Scientist, January 18 2017

Heart-hugging device could help keep the beat
Science, January 18 2017

4 projects selected as winners in Soft Robotics Competition
Harvard SEAS, January 17 2017

A Robotic Exoskeleton Could Teach Stroke Victims How to Walk Again
Boston Magazine, November 28 2016

The robot suit providing hope of a walking cure
The Guardian, November 20 2016

Inspiring the next generation of scientists
Harvard SEAS, August 3 2016

Inflatable Friends: Make friends using simple inflatable robotics.
Sparkfun, July 7 2016

Robots to provide a steadying hand at the right time
NSF Press Release, June 9 2016

Soft Exosuit featured on CNBC interview with DARPA Director Dr. Arati Prabhakar about DARPA's mission and working with industry
CNBC, May 26 2016

Wyss Institute collaborates with ReWalk Robotics to develop wearable exosuits for patients with limited mobility
Wyss Institute Press Release, May 17 2016

Noteworthy tech, from a brawny robot to blazing fast Internet
Boston Globe, May 15 2016

Power Up! Soft Exosuit Helps You Lift Heavy Loads
Scientific American, May 13 2016

Wearable Technology: First Responders Carrying Equipment Might Someday Use This Exosuit To Prevent Strain
Medical Daily, May 12 2016

Soft Wearable Bot Does All Your Heavy Lifting
Discovery News, May 12 2016

The Exoskeletons of the Future Might Just Be Comfortable Pants
Popular Mechanics, May 12 2016

18 months since the toolkit’s release, soft robotics is flying
Silicon Republic, March 10 2016

Mechanical stimulation shown to repair muscle
Harvard Gazette, Jan 26 2016

Looking for a few good robots
Harvard SEAS Press Release, Jan 11 2016

Inflatable soft robotic glove exoskeletons
Exoskeleton Report, Nov 5 2015

Soft Touch - Harvard researchers have come up with a fresh, softer take on the robotic glove.
The Spin Magazine, Spinal Cord Injury BC, Fall 2015

Next-Generation Wearable Medical Robot
ASME Magazine, Oct 2015

Feature: Can we build an ‘Iron Man’ suit that gives soldiers a robotic boost?
Science, Oct 15 2015

UV-light enabled catheter fixes heart defects without surgery
Engadget, Oct 6 2015

Futuristic device fixes holes in the heart without surgery
Huffington Post, Oct 6 2015

Fixing holes in the heart without invasive surgery
Wyss Press Release, Oct 5 2015

New technique uses UV light and balloons to repair perforated organ
Popular Science, September 24 2015

Surgical device repairs damaged still beating heart with glue
New Scientist, September 23 2015

DARPA Tests Battery-Powered Exoskeletons on Real Soldiers
IEEE Spectrum, September 22 2015

Conor Walsh named one of MIT Technology Review’s 35 Innovators under 35, 2015
MIT Technology Review, August 25 2015

Soft robotic glove puts control in the grasp of hand-impaired patients
Wyss Institute Press Release, June 4 2015

Soft Robotics Meetup
Meetup, January 12 2015

Power Dressing: why it’s exoskeleton time
The Engineer, December 14 2014

Army evaluates DARPA's futuristic soft 
Army Research Labs, November 19 2014

Army wants Soft Exoskeletons for 90% of the Soldiers 
Next Big Future, October 29 2014

Hard challenges for soft robotics
Irish Times, October 2 2014

What DARPA’s Wearable Tech Suit Could Mean for Soldiers and Civilians 
Federal Tech Magazine, October 1 2014

Build-a-bot kit makes robots open source
LiveScience, September 30 2014

Harvard wants to help you make your own squishy robot
PopularScience, September 24 2014

Harvard wants you (yes, you) to build squishy robots
Washington Post, September 24 2014

Harvard releases its DIY soft robotics toolkit
Geek, September 24 2014

How to make a soft robot
Gizmodo, September 23 2014

Wyss Institute developing wearable robot for military, medical uses
Boston Business Journal, September 22 2014

Robotic 'Exosuit' Does the Heavy Lifting
LiveScience, September 22 2014

Harvard makes soft robotics open-source
Motherboard (Vice), September 20 2014

Soft robotics ‘toolkit’ features everything a robot-maker needs
Science Daily, September 19 2014

Build your own bot
Harvard Gazette, September 19 2014

Harvard Is Creating a Wearable Robot
Boston Magazine, September 18 2014

Exosuit development on accelerated pace
Boston Herald, September 15 2014

Darpa funds soft exoskeleton trousers
Wired, September 12 2014

Wearable smart suits could help soldiers, those with impairments
CBS News, September 12 2014

Scientists Made a Soft Exoskeleton That You Put On Like Pants
Gizmodo, September 12 2014

DARPA is funding the development of a soft, fabric-based exoskeleton
Engadget, September 12 2014

A Wearable Robot Suit That Will Add Power To Your Step
Fast Company, September 11 2014

Harvard's Wyss Institute awarded DARPA contract to further develop Soft Exosuit, Septermber 11 2014

The $3 million suit
Harvard Gazette, September 11 2014

Walsh to advance wearable robot design
Harvard University, Septermber 11 2014

A twist on the heart: replicating and understanding biological motion with soft robots
The Global Scientist, September 2014 Issue

The Softer Side of Robots
Popular Mechanics, July/August 2014 Issue

New Device Replicates Natural Motion Of Human Heart
Med Device Online, March 6 2014

EEN nieuwe hartkamer van zachte kunststof
NRC Handelsbad, February 28 2014

Can an artificial model mimic the heart?
The Health Site, February 28 2014

Replicating motions of the heart: Artificial muscles that do the twist set the stage for soft robotics Science and Environment, February 27 2014

Artificial Muscles That Do the Twist
Science Newsline, February 26 2014

Medical mechanics: Teaching medical device design in cultural context, SEAS initiative earns honors
Harvard University, May 27 2014

Artificial muscles do the twist
Harvard University, February 26 2014

Wearable Robots
Harvard Magazine, January/February 2014 Issue

Rubbery robot fingers play piano faster than a human
New Scientist, January 15 2014

Robotics heavyweights keep it entertaining at 2013 Northeast Robotics Colloquium
Robohub, October 9 2013

Robots to the rescue: Conference showcases new machines designed to improve everyday life
Harvard Gazette, October 8 2013

Real-life super-powered 'exosuit': Better, faster, stronger… softer
NBC News, June 25 2013

Cranial Drilling Device puts a hole in skulls, not brains
Engadget, August 4 2012

Robotically Steerable Probe aims at minimally invasive surgery, moves through gelatin like a champ
Engadget, August 4 2012

Surgical precision: Hospital experience helps SEAS students sharpen designs
Harvard Gazette, September 19 2011

Sharp turns: Final project a rigorous test of students’ powers of design article on ES51 course
Harvard Gazette, January 3 2011

"Slice of Summer" article on Disposable Medical Robot
Boston Business Journal, June 21 2007

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